One contact, one contract and one team to make your event a guaranteed success! With this new integrated approach, you will save 50% of your time investment.

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CORPORATE UNIT is a new division of PROTECTION UNIT which is specialized in safety and security.

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In order to meet all your needs in the best way possible, CORPORATE UNIT now completes its range of services so that we can guarantee optimal and comprehensive services tailored to your event and in strict compliance with the law at all times.

We are at your service to help and advise you in your work and the execution of specific tasks such as reception and cloakroom management by our hostesses, security, access control and parking surveillance by our stewards.


Our hostesses

As the first point of contact between a company and its audience, the "Corporate" hostesses fulfill an important role in a company’s communication.

When hosting an event, an info session or any other, Corporate Unit provides high-quality, bilingual and optimistic hostesses whom display the image of your company with the required seriousness, prestige and professionalism .

Our stewards

Our stewards are highly professional hosts in all respects!

Important assets such as their common sense and bilingualism help them to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your event by managing their operational and exploratory tasks. They answer all your guests’ / visitors’ questions, check the tickets / invitations en guide them to the right place with respect, elegance and courtesy .

Parking management

Parkings are always the events’ first meeting point with the guests. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to run these with the utmost professionalism.

CORPORATE UNIT ’s “parking boys” are specifically trained for this purpose!

We guarantee parking security as from the entrance. If you provide a separate parking for press, the general public or VIPs, we also ensure that every visitor reaches the right parking.

Event transport

For the organization of events such as festivals, CORPORATE UNIT ensures the safe transport of artists regardless of the destination.

Lavatory lady

For all of your events CORPORATE UNIT provides maintenance staff to ensure the proper functioning and cleanliness of the sanitary facilities.


CORPORATE UNIT puts highly qualified staff at your disposal to ensure the perfect welcome to your visitors passing by the reception of your office, building or company.


To ensure its customers a secure cloakroom during their event, CORPORATE UNIT introduces a team of friendly and careful hostesses. Their job is to manage the cloakrooms they set up themselves in an organized and precise way.

Our services include both staff and resources. We provide friendly and qualified people in perfectly equipped and ticket-included cloakrooms to ensure a smooth experience.

Ticket sales

For successful ticket sales at events, CORPORATE UNIT offers staff that has been specifically trained for this type of assignments.

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